Monday, January 28, 2008

I am so proud of all the grand kids. Charity is on the honor roll.
As soon as she sends me her report card I'll post-it. She is going to Disneyland to sing this summer with her singing group. She is amazing.

And Celeste just won a beauty pageant and will be going to nationals in Palm Springs. They are sending me pictures So I can post them (way to go Celeste).

This dog thinks he is a people, he has to get under all the covers.
John thinks he’s his little baby. I know he’s mine.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Baby and dogs what fun we have.

Friday, January 11, 2008

This year we went to the cabin the week after Christmas. The snow was a wonderful
but it was plenty cold up there. So we were grateful for running hot water and central heat when we got home.

This was us making blankets for Cody's leaders for his eagle. ( way to go, Cody)

Can you believe how cute this hat is?

Just think Jenny ,someday little EM can be mad at you for what you dressed her up in also.
You never forgave me for the little red nickers. (sorry)

" I think it goes like this Jen" Dad said

EM says " I think that I like this chair "

This Year for Christmas the girls a made us a book.
This book was made from all our old pictures of the kids growing up.
They spent months on it and now , we will spend years looking at it.

So this was Christmas, Jenny and Ryan had lots to open and shared it with us!
Good fun and Good food makes for a Good Christmas

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dogs and Flowers

This is Scooter's little coat (dad renamed him). I made it, isn't it cute?

These are the flowers that I made for Aunt Ruth's funeral tomorrow. Just thought family would want to see it.

Friday, January 4, 2008


Christmas was a blast, wish you could have been here. Its a good thing my favorite daughter was here (she is also helping me write this post). Just remember who ever shows up is the favorite at the time :-)

Shalaco and Lori gave me this cute puppy for Christmas.

It has been lots of fun. His name is Gizmo like the Gremlin; we have already tested it and it seems he does not turn into an evil green thing when he gets wet, mostly he just shakes and wimpers until he is dry. I gave him a bath and it took him days to forgive me. He LOVES the snow. He turns a little psyco in the snow. He hops though it and trys to eat it all. Sometimes he dives head first into it. His little legs are so short the snow is deeper than he is. See video below.
Dad thinks we gave him the wrong name, he thinks his name should be Scooter because he kind of scoots along the floor. I have been surprised, it seems dad even loves him.